Reframed Window
Opening SCAM!

Darrel Ditzhazy Is A Scammer Thief!
Caution Scammer New Design 873x473
Scam Alert 568x268
Entire Window Frame
Entire Window Frame Right Angle
Window Frame Right Bottom Close Up
Window Frame Right Bottom
Window Frame Top Right Close Up
Window Frame Right Side Right Angle
New Window Finished Job Illustrated

Darrel Uses The Word FURNISH? Furnish Means: To provide what is needed or desired. I Want The Readers Of This Review To Know That We Gave Darrel All The Money He Needed Including Part Of His Labor The The First Day He Started This Includes The Window And All The  Materials Needed For This SCAM JOB. Please Refer To The Receipts & Product List:

Reframed Opening Scammer Bid