If This LOW-LIFE Did Any Work On Your Home or Building PLEASE Take a Very Close Look at What he's Done for You! You Will See Why After You Read This REVIEW and See Pictures of His SCAM Job!

Your Looking at a Thief!


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Schoolcraft General Contractors Inc.

17046 Wakenden St. Redford, MI 48240

Darrell R. Ditzhazy Committed Contractor Fraud! Theft By Deception!

FACTS on this Scam!

Darrel Ditzhazy told my brother not to step on the Brand New Step for 24 hours. My brother asked me why he couldn't step on a Brand New Concrete Step for 24 hours and I told him that I had No Clue Why he could not step on a Brand New concrete Step!

I seen Darrel Ditzhazy and Don Bilunas at the bar the day they supposedly installed the new step and they told me how heavy the new step was and how they wish my brother was home so he could help them lifted it off the truck and how rough it was on them!

I Know why my brother Could Not Step on a Brand New Concrete Step for 24 Hours because my brother had to wait for the Patch Scam Job to Dry!

Darrel also told me that he went to Lowes Hardware store and they only had 3 foot steps and that he had to go to Home Depot to get a 4 foot step. I went to Lowes Hardware and seen Beautiful 4 Foot Steps For 66.40

Darrel Ditzhazy is a Habitual Liar,Scammer & Thief!

These Two Pieces of SHIT Repair the holes on the old step and then Skim coated the top with a brush to make it look like it was a new Step, that is why you see drips down the sided plus you can see the difference between the old weathered cement and the new patch cement! You can see the Concrete Patch Mixture dripping down the sides. These Two Pieces of SHIT where to lazy to complete this scam job Thank God!

Please Read This Bid So You Can Understand Why This Is FRAUD!

This Low-Life Scammed Us 7 Times!
1. Porch Step Scam!
2. Reframe Window Scam!
3. Porch Light Scam!
4. Shower Head Scam!
5. Ceiling Patch Scam!
6. Bathroom Ceiling Fan Scam!
7. Shower Handle Scam!

Darrel R. Ditzhazy

We Are Seeking Prosecution and Restitution!

Please Read This Bid So You Can Understand Why This Is FRAUD!

Click Here For More Details And Larger Images!

Look At What I Found After I Pulled Off The Old Aluminum Siding That They Reused!  Instead of removing the old Caulk they Caulked Right Over The Old Caulk!

This Looser Bought The Wood But Never Used It & He Didn't Even Remove The Old Caulk It Probably Would Of Fallen Off! Plus He Didn't Even Seal The Rotted Wood With Paint! This Is How Much Pride He Took In Our Mom's House! What A Piece Of Shit!

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Reframed Window SCAM!
New Porch Light SCAM!
Filed: December 17, 2013

Darrel Ditzhazy

You Are Going To


All Thieves Should

Go To Jail!

I Will Do


I Can To Bring

This Low-Life

   Thief To Justice!

We Dedicate


Web Site To!

Darrel Ditzhazy
Don Balunis




On Our Mom's

House in Southfield!

Jeff & Terry

Najjar Have

Been Friends

With Darrel

and Don

For 16 Years!



Ripped Us Off Because We Trusted Them!
New Porch Step SCAM! (Learn and See More Click Here)
Reframe Window Scam (Learn and See More Click Here)
Ripped Us Off Because We Trusted Them!

Darrel Ditzhazy

Realized Real

Fast That My

Brother Didn't

Have A Clue

About Home



Darrel Knew My

Brother Would

Never Question


He Said or Did!

What A Total

Sucker I

Have Here!

Is What

Darrel Thought

But He Forgot

About Me

Terry The Jack

Of All Trades

And The Guy

Who Hired Him!

We Funded This

Complete Job

For A Broke Ass


That was Cutting

Lawns To Get By!

My Brother and I

Actually Felt

Sorry For This



Darrel Knew My

Brother Would Never

Question Anything

That He Did and


Because We

Completely and



This Thief

We Never


How Much Cash

 He Needed!

Ripped Us Off Because We Trusted Them!
See All Receipts Blank
Window Cost and Materials 138.09

New Window:


5.5 oz. Kitchen & Bath Sealant:


Sub Total:


Plus Tax:


Total Cost In Materials:


Darrel R. Ditzhazy

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